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One step on this SACRED LAND instantly shifts your REALITY


Recognised as a powerful PLANETARY VORTEX, it was here that the Ancients took their INITIATIONS long before Mary Magdalene & Yeshua did.  It was here that high priests and priestesses passed their rites of passage into the MYSTERIES OF LIFE.  It was here that secret caves, sanctuaries and crypts were used for regenerative purposes and HIGH ALCHEMY.  And still, it is so vividly alive, so radiantly transmitting, piercing through the veils of time & space.


So now it is here that you may ground deeply into the WOMB of Mother Earth

REMEMBERING YOUR PRIESTESS HEART and being initiated into this ANCIENT WISDOM you carry deep within.


Being divinely guided to come to this land that I have called home for many lifetimes, I was given the message to open the MULTIDIMENSIONAL PORTAL and hold the PUREST SACRED SPACE for all that may come through for you to unconditionally receive.  The hidden power of this land is that the VEILS ARE LIFTED INSTANTLY, giving you access to the mysteries of creation, understanding that nothing is outside of you, allowing you to surrender into your raw, wild and authentic BEingness and play in the innocence of love.  


Are you ready BELOVED, ready to BEing your own mystery school and celebrating all that you are?


Welcoming you HOME beautiful soul, with LOVE




9 full days allowing yourself to receive infinite blessings on this magical journey deep within & far beyond

Self time in silence to explore the desert, receiving downloads, dna activations, light body upgrades & more

Sacred self love temple space where we meet in the nurturing, opening & empowering presence of sisterhood  

High alchemy initiations, rituals & ceremonies

Activating the 5 elements; water blessing, shamanic fire ritual, sand burying ceremony, breath & meditation

Crystal & sound healing with 20 high vibrational crystals & 8 Tibetan singing bowls

Rebirthing drum, light language & medicine song journey around the fire with beautiful sister Niketa Canales

Maria Magdalene & Yeshua transmissions to activate the sacred union within

Source activation; celebrating your light and embracing, forgiving & embodying your wounded aspects

Purification & healing practices nourishing & honoring your inner divine feminine & masculine

Channelling & expressing your truth; liberating yourself by using voice activation & dance

Tantric flow yoga – embracing your bodily temple & transforming your pain into pleasure

Sunrise trek Mount Sinai and visit St Catherine monastery

Desert walk learning all about the indigenous medicinal plants & healing herbs

Your Facilitator


I am here to HOLD you, GUIDE you and HONOUR you on your sacred journey to unite your inner divine feminine & masculine into oneness ultimately restoring the SACRED UNION on our precious Mother Earth.


Three years ago I promised myself one thing… to LET GO OF CONTROL and let life flow through me – that was the biggest opening I could ever have asked for.  A path of purification, dedication and healing, fully devoted to the heart, to self love.  Learning to listen, to trust, to surrender to all that is in order to REMEMBER all that I AM.


Evie is a COSMIC DOULA in divine service to all beautiful souls who are open to birth themselves into their highest alchemy of BEing.  Evie incarnated as a crystal lightbeing embodying the pure manifestation of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE for the highest EVOLUTION OF CONSCIOUSNESS.  Working with the divine realms and collective whale & dolphin consciousness (, EVIE is a gifted healer, devoted tantra therapist, ancient temple priestess, shamanic earth mama, passionate yogini & fierce lover of life.

Sacred Venue

Allow yourself to deeply root into the MAGICAL CONSTELLATION of the south Sinai desert where the Jebeliya Bedouin tribe has been living in HARMONY with the land for the past 1700 years sharing their love and INCREDIBLE WISDOM.


So close your eyes and VISUALISE this… huge crystal mountains, the loudest silence you can imagine, magical hideaway places and unlimited views of the milky way.  That is the sacred land of El Karm, a beautifully designed ECO LODGE functioning fully off the grid.


Your SACRED TEMPLE will be a cosy 2 person shared cabin with lots of blankets for a cold night, candles, incense, crystals and a beautiful altar with some SPECIAL GIFTS such as high frequency rose & Maria Magdalene oil to support you in your transformation process.


Photo Credit: Rehab Eldalil

Allow yourself to feel super NOURISHED by our amazing Bedouin cooks who will truly OPEN YOUR HEART sharing their pure love, timeless dedication and devotional CARING in preparing and serving the most delicious Bedouin food and herbal teas.


For our Bedouin family eating and drinking is a SACRED RITUAL and, as such, all food is homemade and organic, grown in small gardens dotted around in the desert – soaking up the high FREQUENCIES of the crystal mountains and basking in the LIGHT CODES of the sun.  


Fully HONOURING your bodily temple’s needs, our Bedouin chefs cook the most beautiful VEGETARIAN and VEGAN dishes and, upon request, they are more than happy to create any GLUTEN FREE alternative for you.


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